Kangaroos Are Evolving Into Muscly, Monster Killing Machines

A woman with her baby in Brisbane, Australia got a HUGE fright when she was walking her dogs. Standing there on the sidewalk in front of her was this 6 foot,  210 pound kangaroo. The woman recorded a video, which stunned the internet.


Linda Hellyer captured a video that took the interview by storm and led to widespread speculation that kangaroos have a steroid abuse problem (probably).


Linda recalls the sensational event: “I looked up [and] he was standing in the middle of the road. He was watching me and my dogs and they were watching him. I didn’t get too close but I took a quick photo and video and left him alone.” Yeah, you would!


But, it turns out that the sightings of these monster ‘roos’ aren’t as rare as you might think. As Hellyer notes: “We have a whole mob of roos from the area… that’s where they were living. We’ve just developed around them and now they haven’t got a massive amount of room.” It’s kind of sad, as it is clear that this is not the environment these guys are made for.

The first kangaroo featured above is known as “Dave” by those at the local Brisbane golf course, a favorite hangout of his. Dave’s got a distinctive torn ear, and obviously his size makes him pretty darn memorable. But, he has competition!


Meet the incredibly muscly Roger (doesn’t the name somehow fit!), who is nearly as heavy as Dave, but at 6 and a half feet, he is even taller. You will notice the difference between Dave, who is an eastern grey, and Roger, who is a red kangaroo. Reds typically grow bigger than greys, and have a lifespan of about 15 years. That’s a scary stat in relation to Roger, who is only 9, so is expected to get EVEN bigger. He likes to crush metal barrels to impress the ladies!


Those muscles don’t come for free! Roger works out every day, sparring and kickboxing with his rivals and his trainer, sanctuary manager and friend Chris “Brolga” Barnes. According to Brolga, Roger would absolutely take a trained human opposite to task. He could disembowel a human with one kick. Um, wow.

Do you recognize him?! Brolga rescued Roger in 2006 from the pouch of his dead mother, who had been hit by a car. Imagine the diet it took to make this little guy into the hulking he-man that he would become.


Because of his alpha-male status, he protects his pack and his women. But he’s got a soft side as well, apparently. Above, he’s hugging a giant bear that a fan sent to him. Brolga gave him the toy and Roger play wrestles with it. His physique is absolutely unbelievable! Imagine what the female roos think of the tough guy!