If You’re A Cat Owner, You’re Gonna Want To See These 21 Clever and Easy Cat Hacks!

1. Put all your fur-covered clothes in the dryer together with a dryer sheet to get rid of the inevitable cat-hairy outfits.


2. Plastic pitchers make pouring cat food a whole lot easier.


3. Cats won’t jump on surfaces if you stick double sided tape on them – they avoid stickiness.

4. Avoid messy moments by stopping the cat from diving head first into its food bowl.


5. Candles attract and then trap fleas.


6. Sew together two toy baskets for an efficient and stylish hideaway bed.

7. Use a rubber glove when removing hair from upholstery.


8. Avoid this situation:


By tucking the end of the roll in.

9. This vacuum hack will help you remove cat litter from awkward and narrow crevices.


10. Grow your own catnip!

You can find instructions here.


11. Use vinyl covering like these from Soft Paw so you don’t have to get your cat de-clawed.

You can buy them here.

12. Clear out some office space and give your cat a less intrusive place to hang out.


13. Combine a shelving unit with sisal rope to create a bed and scratch post in one.


14. Oftentimes cats might tear your screen door or window, but this product provides the solution!

Buy window screen repair tape here.

15. A tissue box and toilet paper rolls can be used as a cheap and easy toy that your cat will love playing with.


16. Glue a carpet sample to a wooden frame as cat scratch post that’s both practical and stylish.


17. You don’t have to pay exuberant amounts for the Clevercat Litterbox.

Just follow these instructions to make your own.

18. Using toilet brushes, make this self-petting, self-scratching station.

Use these directions.


19. This DIY Tupperware puzzle will keep your cats busy.

Instructions can be found here.

20. If you have feral cats, you can keep them warm in the winter by making one of these:

Here’s how you do it.


21. Using a t-shirt and just two hangers, you can make this awesome cat tent!

Use this tutorial.