Here’s What 100 Calories Looks Like In 24 Of Your Favorite Foods

Most people have little or no clue as to how many calories go into their bodies every meal, or even what 100 calories actually look like. A UK dietitian named Helen Bond, has recently published a guide measuring many of our favorite foods. It’s important to remember, not all of these foods are bad for you, but it reinforces the notion that portion size is very important when eating our favorite guilty pleasures. Below is a list of 24 foods and the portions which add up to 100 calories.


1. You can drink three-quarters of a Coke can.


2. One small scoop of ice cream, will make you hit 100 faster than a race car driver.


3. Good news, you can eat that blueberry muffin, well one-third of it anyway.

4. Now that’s a meal. It may look small, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in Brazilian nutty goodness.


5. A medium egg and a line of bread, which will probably dissolve as soon as it touches your tongue.


6. Four peaches are actually a decent amount of food.

7. Maybe it’s not a good idea to empty that entire bag of marshmallows, six and a half are enough to hit that 100 mark.


8. This is why men have beer guts, half a pint is all it takes to reach 100 calories.


9. This lonely Twix.

10. A teaspoon of peanut butter is barely enough to spread on one piece of bread.


11. Eight carrot sticks and a tablespoon of salsa won’t give you night vision, but it will get you to 100 calories.


12. Savor your one and a half strips of bacon while you can.

13. That’s a mighty lonely plate, with only four and a half walnuts.


14. This tablespoon of sunflower seeds.


15. A double shot of rye cracker, with a tablespoon of cottage cheese on each.

16. Eight dried apricots.


17. This sad Kit Kat, that’s half the man it used to be.


18. Have an “I love myself party” with¬†27 strawberries.

19. Reduced fat hummus on a single cracker will give you way more calorie bang for your buck.


20. You thought it was only beer that wasn’t kind on the hips. A 125 ml glass of wine will more than make up the numbers.


21. You’re much more likely to be full after eating 80 blackberries.

22. Five ounces of chocolate milk.


23. Less than an ounce of cheese, 0.7 to be exact.


24. Three pieces of chocolate is not going to fill the hole in your soul, or your stomach.