What The Hell Happened To The Crew Of ‘Jackass’?

It’s been a while since the Jackass boys were on our screens literally destroying their bodies for our amusement, it’s time to find out what they’re up to now.


1. Johnny Knoxville.

He was the most famous of the group and always seemed like the most respectable member of the Jackass crew. That was until you saw him do a stunt and you realized he was actually the craziest out of the whole bunch. After Jackass Knoxville threatened to turn himself into a pretty legit big screen star in his own right with roles in Walking Tall, Men in Black 2 and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film series. Most recently he’s resurrected the Jackass name with Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – it made a pretty healthy $150 million worldwide.


2. Steve-O.

Almost as mad as his gag-reflex was bad, Steve-O had a habit of vomiting all over anyone who was near him and is most notable for his nakedness and the huge tattoo of himself on his back. After starring in his own Jackass spin-off Wildboyz with Chris Pontius for four seasons, he struggled with mental illness and drug addiction. He had a stand-up comedy tour a few years back and was jailed for 30 days in 2015 for protesting against Seaworld.


3. Ehren McGehey.

McGehey was a retired professional snowboarder with a broken neck and torn ACL before joining the Jackass crew. If he thought he was getting an easier ride on the show he was sorely mistaken – emphasis on ‘sorely’. Among his many famous stunts and injuries was the time he had his tooth pulled out via Lamborghini. After the show McGehey retreated to his hometown where he opened a snowboarding shop but now he has taken up photography.

4. Dave England.

England always seemed like he was on the verge of crying before stunts and had a gag-reflex only exceeded by Steve-O. Lately he’s been focusing on raising his four kids and is in the upcoming Natural Born Pranksters.


5. Jason “Wee Man” Acuna.

Wee Man was one the most beloved characters on the show, not least because of his legendary self-head-kick and skateboarding in an Oompa Loompa costume. He was in the 2014 film Behaving Badly and owns his own Chronic Tacos franchise – gotta love them tacos.


6. Preston Lacy.

Best known in the Jackass world for chasing Wee Man around in his underwear, sweating into a full body suit and basically just being overweight, Preston spent his time after the show in comedy doing stand-up tours.

7. Jeff Tremaine.

Tremaine was the man who made Jackass happen. He came up with the original concept and was the show’s producer. He’s still producing today and has branched out into other successful series such as Ridiculousness, Loiter Squad and Angry Skies.


8. Ryan Dunn.

Dunn and Bam Margera were best friends and came into the Jackass family after creating a similar project called The CKY Crew. The two also worked in various spin-offs after the show such as Viva la Bam. In 2011 Ryan died in a car accident which rocked the former members of Jackass.


9. Bam Margera.

Margera was a professional skateboarder before CKY and eventually Jackass. His show Viva la Bam carried on where Jackass left off but after the death of his best friend Dunn, Margera went down a dark path of drugs and alcohol abuse and he is currently on the path to recovery.

10. Chris Pontius.

Famous for his leopard print underwear and a proclivity for nakedness, Pontius starred with Steve-O in four seasons of WildBoyz. He has since appeared in various reality shows including Tyler the Creator’s Loiter Squad.