Halloween Then And Now Shows How Messed Up Things Have Gotten Since Childhood

Remember how innocent Halloween was when you were a child? It was all about having a cute costume and eating so much candy you’d have cramps in your stomach for days – but it was always worth it. You went trick or treating with your pals and got to stay up late watching what was in hindsight a not-so-scary movie with your dad. Well things have drastically changed. Halloween now seems genuinely terrifying with men and women around the globe¬†entering into competitions as to who can expose the most skin. Who or what is to blame? We reckon it’s the internet, it’s always the internet (and no, the irony is not lost on us).


1. Before online tutorials, face paint was used to make cute animal faces. Now? It’s used to stop us from sleeping at night.


2. Halloween movies have lost all of their innocence.


3. Bears are still firing rainbows, but for different reasons altogether.

4. Vampires were cool, genuinely frightening monsters. Now they are sparkly, moody emos that fall in love with moody girls that are constantly fixing their hair, looking down and shaking their heads.


5. Disney Princess costumes aren’t just for little girls. The sizing still is, however.


6. Candy cigarettes have seemingly been replaced by toothpaste. People are actually handing out toothpaste these days?!

Those houses are definitely getting egged.

7. Moms and dads no longer use their ingenuity for last-minute costumes, they just use their mate Google.


8. Jack-o’-Lanterns have completely lost the run of themselves.


9. That sick feeling you woke up with on November 1st is still there, just for different reasons.

10. Witch costumes have retained the hat…that’s about it.


11. Decorating for Halloween now has you genuinely questioning whether your neighbors are mass murderers.


12. This skin obsession is getting out of control!