Get Ready To Create Your Own Palatable Piece Of Patio Heaven

You won’t believe how easy it is to create your dream patio out of nothing more than old pallets. This family created their own poolside patio dream using 43 pallets. Check out how they did it.


1. Sand down your pallets, it removes surface dust and rough bits of wood.


2. Paint them to jazz the look up. You can use a spray gun like this family or paint rollers.


3. They painted theirs white but if you want another color then go nuts.

4. Dry the pallets in the sun.


5. Before placing the pallets, lay down a geotextile mat which will prevent grass growing and your site becoming muddy.


6. Put pallets on top to create a foundation.

7. Set the back fence up then you can build the seating area on top however you want.


8. Just make sure you line it all up evenly.


9. Put it all together with steal wires and rods.

10. You can create a pretty cute white picket fence in front to make the look complete.


11. You’re going to want to be comfortable so add some cushions and you’ll be laughing.


12. Add some flowers for decoration.

13. Without a lot of fuss or cost you’ve just made an impressive outdoor patio.


14. Add some shade against the sun and some beach chairs to set the scene.


15. You’ll be surprised how good this can look in your backyard.

16. Add some lighting and you’ve got a perfect place to stage your next cocktail party.


17. You can also just hang out with a few of your closest friends.