Get Up Close And Personal With This Incredible Insect Photography

USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab has displayed a collection of high resolution close-ups of the insects and bugs it studies. The intense microscopic zoom helps analyse the biology of the bug but it also helps demonstrate the utter beauty of some of these bizarre looking bees and bugs.


1. Chrysidid Wasp.


2. Tabanus Atratus.


3. Yellow Jacket Mimic Fly.

Coolest name ever.

4. Tabanus Fly.


5. Centris Haemorrhoidlis.


6. Bombus Auricomus.

7. Halictus Ligatus.


8. Calliphora Vicina.


9. Euryglossidia.

10. Coelioxys Cayennensis.


11. Bee Ceratina Monster.


12. Pachymelus Bicolor.

13. Osmia Lignaria.


14. Fly Golden Baby.


15. Centris Decolorata.

16. Hoplitis Fulida.


17.  Svastra Stripes.


18. Melissodes Corepsis.