Get A First (and Last) Look of Mike Tyson’s Abandoned Mansion… Before It Becomes A Church!

Photographer Johnny Joo was recently afforded the opportunity to capture one of the most unique sites he’s ever been given: the former mansion of boxing legend and pop culture icon, Mike Tyson. “As I wandered the halls and rooms I imagined the wild parties that must have taken place within these walls… I looked across a living room once full of life but now empty of parties, tigers and celebrities”, explains Joo.


“My journeys have taken me to some strange places but nothing quite like the abandoned home of a former professional boxer.”


From the moment you approached the gate, you knew were stepping into a wondrous land: the place where Mike Tyson just… hung out. 


The mansion housed five bedrooms, several living spaces, seven and a half bathrooms, a full kitchen, a mini-kitchen, two attached garages, an external garage, a full-sized basketball court, a gigantic pool, and, of course, tiger cages.


The hallways are a sea of marble.

This is the massive entertainment room.


No, that isn’t dollar bill wallpaper, though it may as well be. This is the entrance to Tyson’s en-suite.


The sauna and shower room was fit for a king.

The grand staircase now looks quite bare and desolate.


Another view from the grand staircase, with an open fireplace at the bottom.


The ceilings were insanely high.

Gold plates lined the walls of the home.


The front door is a magnificent (and heavy) wooden masterpiece.


Here’s another angle of that insane entertainment room.

You have to have very particular tastes to like the all-gold-and-marble ensuite.


A bar is situated in the swimming room.


The swimming room that just happens to be absolutely enormous.

The jacuzzi hot tub had a mirrored ceiling.


Here’s the home from the outside.


Tyson sold the property in 1999 for $1.3 million, and it is now set to become – of all things – a church. The new owners hope Tyson will attend the opening of the church when its complete.