A French Protester In His Underwear Gets Turned Into Hysterical Meme

Still waiting for your weird news of the day? Here it is. On Monday, a handful of activists working for the Bird Protection League got ruthlessly attacked by an angry fellow citizen in a cornfield.

Armed with a shovel, he rushed outside in his underwear and started threatening the Bird Protection activists. Since the French have a great sense of humor, one of the pictures went viral and got turned into the most hilarious memes.


While the activists only wanted to protest against poaching in order to protect finches, this local guy seemed to be really unhappy with their intentions.


In fact, he was so unhappy that the harmless activists had to take some pretty rough shovel hits.


This particular photo, however, attracted an incredible amount of public attention and inspired hundreds of people to create hilarious memes.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Angry shovel-guy is building a sand castle


2. May the force be with him…


3… or rather not.

4. Advertising the new Star Wars movie.


5. This is SPARTA!


6. Quite the opinionated dude.

7. His shovel suddenly turned into an iPad on a selfie stick.


8. Then he went on vacation.


9. According to this user, new teaching methods have now reached school classes.

10. He’d certainly make a great King Kong


11… or an even better Avenger.


12. Watch out, Drake!

13. If you love the shovel-man’s style, here’s your starter kit: