Is Your Favorite Celebrity Supporting Hillary Or Bernie?

If the 2016 Primary Election is grinding your gears, and you’re a Democrat who doesn’t know which way to vote, then do what every normal minded Democrat would do. Vote for who your favorite celebrity is voting for. Simple. For instance, Susan Sarandon is a big Bernie Sanders fan and is making it her personal aim to convince America of his greatness. On the other side of the spectrum George Clooney is totally “Team Hillary” and raising a vast amount of money for her campaign. Tricky decisions, very tricky. Check out who these famous faces are supporting and see if they are supporting #ImWithHer or #FeelTheBern.


1. Kerry Washington – #ImWithHer.

Hillary Clinton did her rounds in the TV set parking lot and made some new friends. One of them being Kerry Washington who Instagrammed a picture of herself and HRC, hash tagging the sh*t out of #ImWithHer.


2. Spike Lee – #FeelTheBern.

In a campaign ad supporting Bernie Sanders, Spike Lee said that “Bernie takes no money from corporations, nada”. If it is good enough for Spike, is it good enough for you?


3. Lena Dunham – #ImWithHer.

Yeah, there was no other choice for Lena Dunham really. She is super “GIRL POWER”. Dunham has rallied for Hillary Clinton for a long time and often tweets her support for the candidate.

4. Amal and George Clooney – #ImWithHer.

So Amal and George are big time supporters. We mean BIG TIME. On April 16th they are hosting a fundraiser for the Hillary where tickets cost a measly $33,4000. That’s chump change to these guys. They will probably find that spare change in an old coat pocket.


5. John C. Reilly – #FeelTheBern.

This Stepbrothers star signed his name to the letter of support for Bernie Sanders. We wonder if he signed it Mr Cellophane though?


6. Danny DeVito – #FeelTheBern.

This small guy has a pretty big voice for Bernie Sanders. Danny DeVito had Sanders in his sights all the way back in July 2015 when he tweeted his support for the Vermont Senator.

7. Robert De Niro – #ImWithHer.

So apparently being in the game for a while means you should be President, according to Robert De Niro. “There are going to be no surprises, and she has earned the right to be president and the head of the country at this point. It’s that simple.”


8. Queen B – #ImWithHer (Well of course she is).

“All the woman who are independent….” pretty sure Destiny’s Child wrote this about Hills. Even if they didn’t she still gets the thumbs up from Queen B.


9. Mark Ruffalo – #FeelTheBern.

Mark Ruffalo said that Bernie Sanders was “the one”. Man, when you have Ruffalo on board that is one sexy powerful message to the rest of America.


10. Kimye – #ImWithHer.

Are they supporting her or is it just another excuse to take a selfie with no smiles? Nah they do actually support her, Kim tweeted #HillaryForPresident to her 250 billion Twitter followers.


11. Sarah Silverman – #ImWithHer at first and then changed her mind to #FeelTheBern.

Sarah Silverman is all about supporting her fellow ladies but after discovering that truth about corporate money, she flipped sides and got on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon. She even did a campaign video to explain her hilarious flip flop.

12. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer – #ImWithHer.

The incredible stars of Broad City wrote Hillary Clinton into one of their episodes almost a year ago. Even though they didn’t intend her appearance to be a political statement, they have often spoken of their love for Hillary Clinton Boss Lady.



13. Will Ferrell – #FeelTheBern then #ImWithHer then #ImWithBoth then #AnybodyButTrump.

So Will Ferrell has changed his mind almost as often as Ted Cruz has avoided saying if he cheated on his wife or not. THAT’S A LOT. Will signed his name to the Bernie Sanders campaign and then on February 20th 2016 declared his support for Hillary Clinton. Since then he has said nice things about both candidates. So he is all over the show. BUT WHICH ONE WILL? WHICH ONE?

14. Susan Sarandon – #FeelTheBern #FeelTheBern #FeelTheBern.

Susan Sarandon has always been a staunch Democrat. She is particularly involved in campaigning to abolish the death penalty and a big weed supporter, which is interesting (Yasss). She stated ever so eloquently: “This is a revolution of hope and when people say to me, Oh yeah, he is the best guy, but you know he can’t get elected. Well f*ck them.” She is also embroiled in a Twitter fight with Debra Messing and it’s pretty fascinating what both ladies are bringing to the debate.


15. Rosario Dawson – #FeelTheBern.

Rosario Dawson spoke at the San Diego rally giving Bernie Sanders her unyielding support. She even introduced him and their hug was adorable. Not that hugs count in who our next President should be, but ohhhh look so cute.



16. Meryl will most likely say #ImWithHer.

Although Queen Meryl Streep has not confirmed publicly that she will be supporting Hillary, she has been a huge supporter of all things Hillary for the past two decades. Hillary even wanted Meryl to play her in a movie. If that’s not lady-love, we don’t know what is.