Your Favorite Emo Band Singers Then And Now

Remember when you were a rebellious teen, locked yourself up in your room and listened to punk and emo bands for hours and hours? Admittedly, that was a while ago and you’ve kind of grown up now. The same holds true for your favorite emo band singers.


1. Luckily, Oli Sykes’ older self can now pose without the duckface.


2. Jordan Pundik looking just like Quentin Tarantino.


3. Benji Madden has sure changed a lot. Now more serious looking, he’s also married to Cameron Diaz.

4. Joel Madden has grown up and finally grown a beard.

emgn emo-band singers pic 4 suggest


5. Coming across as only a little desperate, JT Wuddroff is now buying his own CDs.

emgn emo-band singers pic 5 suggest


6. Jesse Lacey never lost his adorable smile.

7. A lot happened in Ian Watkins’ life. Not only has he grown older but is also a convicted sex offender.


8. Admit it, you still love those heart-melting blue eyes. All in all, Jared Leto really hasn’t changed much.


9. Frank Iero seems to be a little less dramatic these days.

10. Bert McCracken has changed the hair but not that angry look on his face.


11. Smokin’ hot: Adam Lazzara.


12. Tyson Ritter and Tyson Ritter’s eyes!

13. Brendon Urie finally decided in favor of a better hairdo.


14. Aged 36 now, Geoff Rickly is all grown up.


15. It seems as if Pierre Bouvier hasn’t aged a day!

16. Would you still recognize Kris Roe?


17. What a change. Bill Kaulitz has been singing on stage ever since he was ten-years-old.


18. Ryan Ross looking as dreamy as always.

19. Not without my leather jacket – Pete Wentz.

emgn emo-band singers pic 20 suggest


20. Patrick Stump has lost some weight and picked up on recent trends.