Fashion Tastemaker Uses…FOOD To Uniquely Complete Her Delicious Drawings!

Gretchen Roehrs is an incredibly talented artist, who specializes in fashion sketching. She’s making her mark crafting food into her drawings, and the results are elegant, playful and absolutely original! For more, check out Gretchen’s Instagram.

1. This leggy thing ain’t slipping on no banana peel – no matter how high her heels are!


 2. Texture that you won’t find in the textbook!


3.  Her work is mouth-watering!

 4. This raven haired lovely LOVES her layers!


5. Let-tuce appreciate the volume of this gorgeous gown.

6. Red hot was SO last season. It’s all about green chili this summer.

7. Bespoke yoke!


8. All kale the Queen!

9. She’s a cherry-ish babe!

10. Frock-o-lini.


11. In black, she’s berry beautiful!


12. All the boys get down on their peas when they saw this gorgeous thang werking it.


13. Who said that carbs aren’t fashionable?!

It seems that Gretchen never listened when the adults told her to “stop playing with her food!” And, from the bottom of our hearts, thank goodness for that!