The Fabulous Life And Times Of London Police Officers

Metropolitan Police or “MPS” as they like to be called, are the police officers that cover the Greater London area. They have been in all types of odd circumstances over the years and thankfully someone has captured them on camera. This is a look into the lives of police officers around Londontown and it looks utterly ¬†fabulous.


1. “Uhm we have an invader…possibly just a Vader. First name Darth.”


2. “Let’s just all calm down shall we?”


3. For a police officer it is compulsory to wear a hat at all times. Except in these situations.

4. Judging an ankle competition wouldn’t be that hard. “Ankle, ankle, cankle, ankle, ankle.”


5. These are the days they wished they stayed in bed.


6. Some things are just part of the job.

7. They put themselves in harm’s way.


8. They have nothing but pride for their job.


9. Some days are more difficult than others.

10. “We can’t get a straight answer out of him sir, he keeps saying he’s Batman over and over.”


11. Are these people breaking the law or is this some sort of punishment?


12. Sometimes the officers get sleepy and cold hands.

13. Didn’t realize men did this, let alone police officers.


14. You have to have a little sense of humor with the job.


15. Is this real life?

16. “Getting jiggy wit it.” Do kids still say that?


17. “Just checking for any weapons ma’am.”


18. OK, this may be getting out of hand now.

19. Business on the top, party down below. (This may or may not be Photoshopped.)