Every Year, This Mom Took A Snap Of Her Daughter In Her Wedding Dress

Stay-at-home mom and lifestyle blogger Brandy Yearous had the ingenious idea to take a photo of her daughter every year – in her wedding dress. This way, she can see her daughter grow into a woman – and the photos are totally adorable.


Brandy Yearous’ kids are 14-year-old Ryan and 12-year-old Allison.


At first, she decided to take a photo of her son each year, in his father’s jeans.


This way, she could see him grow from year to year when comparing the photos.

When her daughter was born, Brandy Yearous wanted to do the same with her. However, since women’s jeans change too much, she chose to photograph Allison in her precious wedding dress.


The photos are absolutely stunning and will surely inspire many other parents to do something similar.


From year to year, Yearous could watch her daughter grow into a lovely lady.

One of the most important moments took place when the straps finally fit Allison’s shoulders: “That year just made me go, ‘Oh…you’re really growing up.'”


Even though Yearous doesn’t expect Allison to wear the dress on her own wedding day, she’s still hoping to snap many more pictures before her daughter gets to choose her own dress for the big day.


According to Yearous, taking the photos was “a way to celebrate my marriage and show her what she has to look forward to.”

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