The Easy DIY Guide To Creating Your Own Wooden Headboard

OK, so if you’re still wondering whether you actually need a headboard, the answer is yes, you totally do. It’s going to amp up any room’s glamour factor in no time and make you look like a freaking DIY champion. Luckily, Imgur user thespud86 has done it all already, so all you need to do is follow his DIY guide. Go get your gloves and put on some good tunes, it’s time to get to work.


1. The first part is to get the legs ready. Hand planing them might be a good idea just so you can get them as flat as possible.


2. Then they need to be glued together. Don’t rush it, the glue has to dry thoroughly.


3. Afterwards, they’ll get attached to a 3/4″ plywood on both ends.

4. Better make sure everything’s rock solid by using pocket holes, glue and staples.


5. It’s important to stop and marvel at how far you’ve come already.


6. Then, you can start cutting out wooden ’tiles’ in order to give the headboard its unique looks.

7. They’ll be glued onto the headboard in a running bond pattern.


8. Don’t forget to cap off the top before completing the last upper row of wooden ’tiles.’


9. All it needs now is a good, thorough coat of stain…

10. … as well as a second coat followed by a layer of Poly.


11. Time to nap after all your hard work.