Curvaceous Celebs Are Being Imagined To Promote Healthy Body Image

Unfortunately, body shaming is still alive and well in our society. Gigi Hadid got shamed for goodness’ sake. Gigi Hadid. With so much pressure (and subsequent judgement) on everyone to look their best, it is quite refreshing to see an artist like David Lopera doing work to help promote healthy body image and body acceptance.

Lopera has reimagined some of the most stunning female celebrities around with a bit of extra weight on them. As celebrities – particularly female ones – are seen as the standard bearers of beauty, David’s work resonates with the notion that beauty is not dependent on weight. While not all of the body types David uses are healthy, the messages of acceptance; healthy body image and pride are the things to take away from his work. Check out David’s Facebook page for a look at more of his work.


1. Alison Brie.


2. Mila Kunis.


3. Gabrielle Union Wade.

4. Rashida Jones.


5. Miranda Cosgrove.


6. Rita Ora.

7. Michelle Keegan.


8. Iggy Azalea.


9. Kim Kardashian.

10. Jennifer Lawrence.


11. Katy Perry.


12. Anne Hathaway.

13. Carly Rae Jepsen.


14. Hilary Duff.


15. Emma Watson.

16. Karen Gillan.