This Couple’s Holiday Pic Got The Photoshop Treatment

The internet loves taking advantage of innocent people who request Photoshop editing. This cute couple posted one of their holiday pics and requested to have the boy in the background removed. Apparently they didn’t really know that Photoshop trolls were a thing – they had to find out the hard way.


Here is the original picture, are you ready for what comes next?


1. Now that’s more like it!


2. You got served.


3. Swipe to the left.

4. Who let the dogs out?


5. That photo just needed more sleaze.


6. The Twilight Zone.

7. Kamehame huh?


8. Well at least it keeps with the aquatic theme.


9. “I’m watching you, watching them.”

10. D-Day.


11. Is that Burlusconi?


12. Every one loves the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

13. Apparently they’re just not football fans.


14. The classic RKO photo bomb.


15. That would make a good Halloween pic.

16. If you’re going to troll, might as well take it up a level.


17. Remember this guy?