15 Things You Never Knew You Could Cook Using ONLY Your Coffee Maker!

For those times when all pots are in use, the stove or oven might be broken and your microwave is shooting sparks, there is always Plan C! Your coffee maker can make you a meal, not in a ‘you can do part of it in your coffee maker’ kinda way, in a ‘the only appliance you will use is your coffee maker’ kinda way! Rejoice and check out our favorites!


1. Hot Dogs


2. Hard Boiled eggs


3. Poached Chicken

Easy AND good for you

4. Lasagna

Rolled and ready to eat!


5. Corn on the Cob


6. Ramen

7. Steamed vegetables and couscous


8. Tea

Shockingly inappropriate… but so practical.


9. Meatloaf

A few cupcake molds and you’re away laughing!

10. Ice Cream

Try this delicious recipe


11. Sushi

Cause rice is the only cooking you need to do!


12. Pancakes!

Use the hot plate as a pan

13. Chicken Wings


14. Soup

Try this potato and leak recipe tonight!


15. Fondue

Lets be honest, this is all your coffee pot should ever be used for, morning, noon and night.