This Comedian Is Trolling Celebrity Instagrams In The Best Way

Instagram is a world full of genuinely lovely photographs, but sometimes the celebrities you follow can be a little too pretentious and ruin your day. Luckily, comedian Celeste Barber has taken those photos and put her own spin on it. The question she asks is – if normal people acted like celebrities on Twitter, would it be any different? The answer is a resounding YES.


1. Suck it Kendall Jenner.


2. This lady needed to class it up and wear a Marvel mask instead.


3. When we drink we do it right gettin’ slizzered.

4. The most honest photo of all time.


5. First leg up is the hardest.

6. Why the hell is Rihanna dry shaving anyway? Madness!

7. This is the reality of pets licking you on the lips. Also, it’s super gross.


8. We suspect Jessica’s car is not moving.


9. The butter knife makes it.

10. Isn’t he bankrupt?