Color Photos Show How Soldiers Lived In WWI

We’ve all seen horrible photos of trench warfare and dying soldiers in WWI. However, not many of us know what these soldiers did during their downtime, when it was quiet on the Western front. This rare set of photos was taken in France in 1917. These photos show what the Allied forces did when they weren’t fighting.


1. These Senegalese soldiers rest in Saint-Ulrich, France. They served as infantrymen in the French army.


2. A French soldier is looking out for enemy forces in Eglingen, France.


3. Keeping up with politics was important: French soldiers buy newspapers in Rexpoede.

4. A little unknown girl is waiting next to someone’s weapons in Reims, northern France.


5. This crater was created by mines that British soldiers positioned under German military positions in West Flanders. Approximately 10,000 soldiers died in the blast.


6. A French soldier has lunch in front of a deserted library in Reims.

7. French soldiers in front of a liquor and grocery store at the market square in Reims.


8. French military doctors and nurses in front of the Saint-Paul Hospital in Soissons, Aisne.


9. This French officer is patrolling the barbed wire protecting French positions in Soissons.

10. Three French soldiers guard an observation point close to German positions in Hirtzbach, Department Haut-Rhin, region Alsace.


11. Workers from the British Chinese Labour Corps get ready for lunch. They were recruited to participate in the Middle East campaign.


12. These photos show an Algerian guard, an Algerian worker, and a worker from Indochina in Soissons, Aisne, France.

13. French soldiers taking care of their laundry in Largitzen, France.


14. Almost 60 percent of the buildings in Reims got destroyed in WWI.


15. French soldiers in recovery in Saint-Paul Hospital in Soissons.

16. Four French soldiers and Swiss guards waiting at the border between Switzerland and France in Pfetterhouse, region Alsace.


17. During the battle of the Aisne, a group of French machine gunners look for the most effective position in the ruins.


18. After bombings in Dunkirk, French soldiers, civilians and fire fighters try to stop the fire from spreading.

19. Two French soldiers do their laundry in  Gildwiller, Department Haut-Rhin, region Alsace.


20. French soldiers waiting in a trench near the frontline in Hirtzbach.


21. French civilians with milk cans for soldiers in Rue de Talleyrand, Reims.

22. The ruins of the towers of the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims.


23. French soldiers guard a small railway near the village of Boezinge, Belgium.