Check Out The Most Expensive Apartment In New York’s History

A Manhattan penthouse has become New York City’s most expensive apartment ever. This temple to excess is priced at $85 million, but to sweeten the deal real estate company River 2 River Realty has thrown in a few perks, which might tempt the insanely rich to nab the ten bedroom, 13 bathroom penthouse apartment.


Not only does this exclusive Atelier Manhattan penthouse boast ten bedrooms, but a list of perks to tempt the truly rich.


The apartment includes a $1 million yacht with docking fees paid for five years.


The new owner will also secure two Rolls Royce Phantoms worth $500,000 each.

Dinner reservations are also included to Daniel Boulud’s two Michelin star restaurant Daniel once a week for a year.


If you thought the perks were over, then you obviously don’t know the million dollar listing business.


The apartment comes with a third car in the form of a Lamborghini Spyder worth a cool $200,000.

Still that’s chump change compared to the $85 million price tag on the apartment – what else have you got for us?


Try courtside season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets (usually $3,000 a ticket) where you can become best friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z – interested now?


Still not satisfied huh? Tough crowd! How about a Hampton’s mansion rental for a summer, live-in butler services for a year and a private chef.

Real estate agent Daniel Scott Neiditch says that they aren’t just selling an apartment, they are selling a lifestyle.


“This is the lifestyle that I have curated for them once they arrive here.”


“It’s the kind of things that a person buying the apartment can afford, but having them part of the deal makes it better.”

For the multi-millionaire on a budget there are cheaper apartment options, which start at $20 million.


This still gives you access to the building’s rooftop lounge, daily breakfast, 12,000 square ft fitness center, pool, basketball court, private movie theater and an ice-skating rink in winter.


Security is tight at the Atelier and some residents have panic rooms, bulletproof glass and ex-British special forces bodyguards.

So if you’re the kind of eccentric billionaire who likes to live at the top of the super rich pile, this is the place for you.