16 Celebrities Whose Weight Gain Proves That Nobody’s Perfect

1. Once the world’s most famous bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now exploring new ways to build his body.

2. Kirstie Alley has spoken quite a bit about her weight in the past, and has fluctuated in size a lot over the past few years.


Last year, she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and here’s a photo of her this year:

3. The earlobe diet hasn’t been the best on “Iron” Mike Tyson.


4. Did Val Kilmer really go from Batman to fatman? Caped Crusader to Caked Crusader?



5. Jessica Simpson initially struggled to stay in shape post-pregnancy…

But now the Weight Watchers spokesperson is once again looking fantastic!

6. The former Mr. Britney Spears also happens to be a former dancer, but you wouldn’t be able to tell looking him these days.


7. Speaking of Ms. Spears, she too has packed on the pounds a little bit. That’s just her prerogative.

8. Alec Baldwin was once quite the stud! Who would’ve thought it?

9. Tyra Banks received a lot of flack for this supposed “dramatic weight gain” – her response to the critics? “Kiss my fat a**!”


10. Regardless of what we say about Christina Aguilera’s weight gain, words will not bring her down.

11. Wentworth Miller gained some weight after his Prison Break, he must have missed fast food when behind bars.

12. We’ve had Oprah on our screens for almost 30 years, so naturally we’ve seen her body transform a whole lot over time.

13. Ever heard the term “swimmer’s body”? Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe once had one of those.

14. Journalist Keely Shaye Smith has transformed her body completely over the years. That hasn’t stopped her from being one of the few true Bond girls, having been married to Pierce Brosnan since 2001.


15. Perhaps it was too much greasy food for John Travolta, who has lost the toned figure that set the world on fire in Saturday Night Fever. 


16. After releasing Touch My Body, Mariah Carey decided to give the world a little more body to touch.

While some of these weight gains are dramatic, what this really shows is that not even celebrities are perfect – and we all get a little bigger as we get a little older!