21 Amazing Performances On ‘Glee’ That You Can’t Forget

It is coming up to the sixth anniversary since Glee burst onto our screens and lit up our lives (for a couple of seasons anyway). Over the six seasons it gave us incredible performances from the cast, no matter how crap the storyline was. In this time of celebration, here are some of the best performances that stole our hearts on Glee. #RIPFinn #Season1WasTheBest #Don’tStopBelieving #ReminisceOnNetflix.




1. “I Feel Pretty”/”Unpretty” – Quinn and Rachel.

Oh oh oh, “you can buy your hair if it won’t grow”. Truer words have never been sung. When Rachel and Quinn sing a mash up of “I Feel Pretty” and “Unpretty” it was quite simply stunning. Rachel got hit in the face by Finn in dance rehearsal and she thought about getting a nose job. With the help of Quinn, the frenemies sung about it for a while before Rachel opted for no nose job. (Only because Barbra Streisand didn’t get one.)


2. “Umbrella”/”Singing in the Rain” – Holly Holliday, Will Schuester and Club.

This was the first time Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on Glee and it was a humdinger of a debut. It was a mashup of the old school “Singing in the Rain” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. The two songs worked perfectly together and the dance featured so many umbrellas and so much rain. ‘T was glorious to watch.

3. “Rumor Has It”/”Someone Like You” – Santana, Mercedes and The Troubletones.

Sweet heavenly god this was a good performance. This Adele mashup happened when The Trebletones had to perform for the New Directions and it was all in the middle of Santana struggling with her sexuality. It was super emotional and it ended in a good old fashioned slap to the face. What a way to end a song.


4. “Ride Wit Me” – The Club.

Impromptu Nelly…just the best. This wasn’t an organized performance but this casual sing along was enough to make an impression. Ryan Murphy saw the cast singing “Ride Wit Me” together between scenes and he decided to put it in the show. See, people do burst into song and dance in real life.


5. “Make You Feel My Love” – Rachel.

Oh Jesus. When Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, died in 2013, the show had to write him out of the show. In the episode entitled “Quarterback”, the whole Glee family is trying to deal with Finn’s death, when Rachel comes back to William McKinney to sing a song for her lost love. It is heartbreaking because Lea Michele was dating Cory Monteith in real-life. The tears and emotions in this episode are real, no acting needed.

6. “Me Against The Music” – Santana and Brittany.

“It’s Brittany b*tch”. This was the first time Heather Morris really got to do her thing. It was her character’s first solo and when she paired up with best friend and future wife Santana, it was a perfect performance.


7. “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” – The Club.

Michael Jackson episode, enough said. Well maybe we will say a little bit more. The whole episode was amazing, it is hard to single out a performance. “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” was probably the best because the club got to dress up as M.J throughout the years.


8. “We Found Love” – The Club.

“We Found Love” was lead by Rachel and Santana and then the whole cast joined in and it was amazing. They sung it as Will Schuester proposed to Emma in a pool. So much synchronized swimming, so much love.

9. “Valarie” – Santana.

“Valarie” was performed twice on Glee, but the first time was the best. It was Santana’s (Naya Rivera) first solo and  she absolutely nailed it with her sultry voice. She ended up singing solo lines in 115 songs and became a regular on the show in season two.


10. “Don’t Stop Believing” – The original six.

We couldn’t leave this one out. It may have been a mediocre performance but it was the first time the Glee club performed so it is super special. This was the song and dance that started the fun train to Glee-town. No longer will “Don’t Stop Believing” be associated with The Sopranos….Glee has a hold on it forever.


11. “Like A Prayer” – The Club.

What happens when you mash up Madonna with a gospel choir? The answer is perfection. Everyone loves a gospel choir. Per-fect.

12. “Scientist” – The Couples.

Three out of four couples singing this song broke up in the episode and it literally made people lose their minds. Like, seriously lose their minds. Twitter erupted with downcast gleeks. Ryan Murphy said that “Scientist” was his favorite performance and song ever on Glee. That’s huge.


13. “We Are Young” – The whole club united.

There was a period in time when New Directions were divided and Santana, Brittany and Mercedes broke off and made their own singing group. When they finally reunited they sang “We Are Young” by Fun together in the auditorium and it was so sweet in its simplicity.


14. “Start Me Up”/”Living On a Prayer” – Just the girls.

The black leather and the singing and the rocking, it was all too much. In a competition the girls and boys of New Directions, the girls totally won when they mashed up “Start Me Up” and “Living On A Prayer”.


15. “Empire State” – The Club.

“Empire State” was a tune-and-a-half in it’s own right. It got another boost in the charts when it was performed on Glee at the start of season two. The matching New York City t-shirts and the semi-in time dancing was glorious.


16. “Thriller”/”Heads Will Roll” – Santana, Rachel, Club and Football Team.

One of the best performances not only in Glee history but television history was “Thriller”/”Heads Will Roll”. This epic performance aired  after the Super Bowl and it got a lot of attention. Everyone loves a Michael Jackson remix but this was off the hook.

17. “Bad Romance” – The Club.


The costumes made this what it was. The cast of Glee did Lady Gaga proud when they performed “Bad Romance” in season two. Everything from Gaga’s bubble outfit to the Muppets inspired dress was on display. Incredible vocals from each member contributed to this stellar performance.


18. “Somebody To Love” – The Club.

It remains a favorite because it was performed in season one episode five. Season one was by far the best and whatever tune was sung became a charting success.


19. Faithfully – Rachel, Finn and the Club.

In the final competition episode of season one, the cast went back to Journey and sang “Faithfully”. It was perfect for many reasons, including the fact that right before they started Finn dropped a big ole’ L-Bomb on his girl Rachel. This is one of those rare moments when an original is topped by a cover. Lea Michele’s voice is absolutely unreal.



20. “Loser Like Me” – The Club.

“Loser Like Me” was the first original song that came from the Glee writers and it was not a bad start. It reflected what it was like to be in the Glee club and each character got to put their own spin on the song.


21. “Bust Your Windows” – Mercedes.

Oh, Yas Queen Mercedes knocked this out for the park. This was such an old performance that Brittany didn’t even have a name, she was just “backup cheerleader dancer”. Then Mercedes smashed Kurt’s car with a rock. Booya.

There are so many more wonderful performances that you may have to pay a visit to Netflix and binge what Glee forever.