Cattoos – The New Breed Of Tattoos For Cat Lovers

What happens when tattoos and the love for cats comes together? Cattoos! This new breed of tattoos has seen a huge spike in popularity according to Betty Rose, a cat lover and tattoo artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

‘There have always been cat enthusiasts’, she tells MailOnline. ‘Wild cats – such as panthers and tigers – are classic tattoo designs, but now people are going a step beyond and getting domestic cats as well.’

Cat Tattoos 1

Ms Rose (pictured below) says cat tattoos have always been in demand but only for wild cats (tigers, lions etc). There has recently been a huge spike in demand for domestic cat tattoos.

Cat Tattoos 2

Ms Rose has clients requesting playful cat tattoos such as the internet famous grumpy cat (pictured below) and also very personal tattoos.

Cat Tattoos 3

Cattoos can be quite adorable!

Cat Tattoos 4

Ms Rose’s first cattoo is pictured below. The kitten in the tea cup tattoo was inked onto her husband’s leg.

Cat Tattoos 5

Ms Rose has loved cats ever since her teenage years. She was a trouble teen and her family cat at the time known as “Patches” offered her a source of comfort. Patches has since passed away but her love for cats continues.

Cat Tattoos 6

Cat Tattoos 7

Ms Rose now has two cats. One of them (Leo) is pictured below.

Cat Tattoos 8

Ms Rose has been a tattoo artist for over 10 years now and she says she will never grow tired of clients requesting cattoos.

Cat Tattoos 9

And how could she? They are adorable!

Cat Tattoos 10

Cat Tattoos 11

Cat Tattoos 12

For the first time in recorded history, women are now slightly more likely to bear tattoos than men. 86% don’t regret their tattoos.

Cat Tattoos 13

Celebrities have been following the trend. Miley Cyrus got her cattoo printed inside of her lower lip.

Cat Tattoos 14

Cara Delevingne got a lion inked onto her index finger.

Cat Tattoos 15

For Ms Rose, cattoos are serious business and close to heart. She told Daily Mail ‘I will be forever grateful for anyone who lets me tattoo their pet on them because I know how much it means and to this day, if I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I snuggle up with a kitty in my lap and let their soft purr melt my worries away


Source: Daily Mail