Can You Seriously Believe That These Animals Are Human Hands?

Italian artist Guido Daniele is incredibly talented. Based in Milan, he is renowned for his visionary works both in commercial advertising and personal projects. These have been exhibited worldwide. He’s been working at it for over 40 years, but it was in 1990 that he made his breakthrough.


1. Spot the hand.

This came when Daniele began to paint upon the bodies of human models. His skill at realism, combined with his intuition for staging things just right made his work famous. Even once you realize that these animals are drawn onto hands, every single new one continues to surprise.

2. Spread your fings.

Daniele’s 2000 series called Handimals’ caught the attention of the world. People are always blown away that the hand can be contorted to this extent, and that our minds can be so tricked by the skill of the artist.

3. Don’t beak your finger.

4. Thumbs up.

5. Snap your fingers.

6. Handsome.

7. You don’t want a knuckle sandwich from an elephant.

8. Hantlers

9. The donkey is hitching a ride.

 10. Doodling a cock.

11. Wise old hand.

12. Spot the second arm. Ssssscary skills.