Bet You Couldn’t Draw A Map Of The World Completely From Memory; Neither Could These Guys!

High school student Zak was interested in seeing what happened when he asked a sample group to each draw a map of the world using memory alone.


Some seemed accurate, others… not so much.


He had a group of 30 partake in the experiment.

The sample group were aged between 18 and 22, were an even mix of male and female, and were mostly American.


Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand and the entire continent of Antarctica were all omitted in a majority of the sketches.


And the United Kingdom was often forgotten too.

India too often found itself completely misrepresented, or not there at all.


Cuba fell short, and Madagascar was apparently too small to make the cut most of the time.


The Pacific Islands appeared just once.

Overall, the maps were far from accurate…


But all seemed to have some general idea of the continental structure.


Once everybody had completed their sketches, Zak was able to collate the data and merge it all together as one map.

And here is the digitized result:


He then took a satellite image from NASA, and aligned it with the merged map.


Here is what the world really looks like: