This Artist Makes Delicious Cakes That Look Disgusting

Everyone loves a good realistic cake with a theme, but maybe not this type of realistic. Registered nurse Katherine Dey from New York makes horrifically realistic cakes that taste heavenly, but look, well, super gross.


She made this cake for Valentine’s Day so people could literally give their love a piece of their heart.


She started making realistic cakes a few years ago, but cute flower cakes got boring…


So she started making… Well… Whatever this is.

Dey quickly developed a passion for creating things that look real, but aren’t.


With that, she added she enjoys making things that don’t look appetizing but are in fact delicious.


Sure, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of delicious red velvet road kill?

OK, this placenta cake may be going a little too far.


This strawberry filled tick looks appalling but is said to be absolutely delicious.


The most effort goes into keeping the cakes together. Flavor comes first, so they need to be delicious before they can be beautiful… Or, you know, not beautiful.

“The reaction is usually a strong one,” Dey says. “Some people are excited about them, some are a little disgusted.” Why, who wouldn’t want to eat a bit of baby hand?