Artist Explores A Unique New Approach To The Intricate Style Of Pointillism

Pointillism is an imaginative and intricate art form that takes a great deal of dedication and skill to master.


Visually, pointillism is a calming, harmonic style.


Korean artist Jihyun Park is exploring a unique approach to this style.

Park uses incense sticks to burn small holes into huge sheets of rice paper.


Not only does the meticulous work look fantastic, the use of incense sticks also has cultural and artistic significance, and no hole is burnt without reason.

  “The word ‘utopia’ in Korean is ‘Yi Sang Hwang’ and ‘Hwang’ means ‘incense,’” the artist writes.


It is my hope that the ‘moments’ I capture of my subjects are ones when they are at their most ideal– true utopias.


While drawing them with the incense, I am ‘holding’ a split moment of harmony in my hands.


He also finds that his work, and pointillism in general is a reflection of the Yin and Yang ideology:

balance of dark and light, emptiness and substance is the essence of ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ and through this balance utopia is achieved.

His compositions are materialized carefully, beautifully, and masterfully.


You can check out Jihyun’s portfolio at The Drawing Center.