Art Snobs Won’t Like These: Ancient Nudes Out And About Today

We’re used to seeing mythical figures and the famed subjects of historical paintings in museums, viewing them in the sterile spaces with hushed voices.¬†Alexey Kondakov, a Ukrainian artist decided to change this. The results of the series, called Reality 2, are somewhere between funny, and thought provoking. They make us realize that we too are part of history.

1. Buskers these days.


2. You’ve seen these exhibitionist ballet guys. Crazy fools.


3. Getting judgment from the ‘hood for not dressing her baby right.

4. Super-white Kardashian.


5. What happens in Vegas.


6. All my single ladies.


7. Glad this one has wings. Ain’t safe.


8. NYPD always having problems with this one.


9. There’s no signs saying you can’t bring a horse on.


10. Casual.


11. Don’t be shy.