You’re Really Getting Old If You’ve Had These 18 Pop Culture Revelations!

 1. 2000 – just yesterday, right? Well, then 2030 is tomorrow. We’re currently right in the middle of the two years!


2. Boy Meets World‘s Mr. Turner is younger than Cory and Shane are now. Tick tick.


3. High School Musical came out (wait for it)…9 years ago. Ah well, Zac’s done alright, hasn’t he?


4. Well, most people probably forget K-Fed in minutes. But this was 10 years ago. Bury K-Fed in your memory once more.


5. This one is a little harder to forget! It’s been 10 years! Ten. Freaking. Years.


6. RIP Discovery Zone, which passed on 16 years ago.

7. Oh! These bad boys! The super sexy Motorola Razr rolled out 11 years ago.


8. As did this little known website. ” ‘Thefacebook’ – that’s not catchy, Smithers. We’ll invest in something else.”


9. 17 years. This one you want to forget

10. 18 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered. Thankfully she got rid of them all.


11. Here’s the current ages of these young people who moved to NYC to make it…


12. Remember your first year of high school? Well, there’s probably whole different cliques these days, seeing as high schoolers who started this year were born in 2001!

13. (Un)luckily, NSYNC’s last album came out 13 years ago. Where are the rest of ’em now?


14. And NSYNC, ever on trend, at their very beginnings. 20. Years. Ago. How?


15. Teen People was laid to rest 9 years ago. Oh, Jessica.

16. Toy Story’s Andy would be……….26. They grow up so fast.


17. 8 years!


18. These guys got the life-changing news that they’d play Hermione, Harry and Ron 15 YEARS AGO.