After Discovering The True Potential Of LEGO, This 13 Year Old From Silicon Valley Could Be Set To Make Millions!

LEGO allows people of all ages to test their creativeness and for some, start their careers! 13 Year Old Shubham Banerjee knows this now, after his braille printer became an instant hit with those at Intel.

Lego-Braille-Device 1 EMGN

22 Words || Braigo Facebook page

Shubham could never have known that his project to help the blind would end up being one of the more hyped-up designs in the Silicon valley!

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It was after Shubham received a flyer home about fundraising for the blind in his area that he was inspired to do his project on a device that helped the blind to read after discovering that they used braille.

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Shubham also discovered that the prices of a normal machine that prints braille costs more than $2000, but creating a machine using LEGO cost him less than $500. The prototype was called ‘Braigo’, and Shubham’s design certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Lego-Braille-Device 4 EMGN22 Words || Braigo Facebook page

The intelligent 13-year old hopes to make the braille printers more available and is attempting to fight against companies he believes to be taking advantage of the blind community. Intel have backed him after seeing his impressive work and have invested hundreds of thousand into him and his new company, Braigo Labs.

Lego-Braille-Device 5 EMGN22 Words || Braigo Facebook page

Check out the video below, where Shubham explains exactly what inspired him to make his braille printer and what the process was.