A Haunted House So Scary You Have To Sign A Waiver

In Tustin, California, there is a haunted house that is so petrifying that they make you sign a waiver before you enter. The 17th Door is an old run down house that has 17 rooms, each more terrifying than the next. Anyone who walks in descents into the mind of disturbed university student, Paula, as her past literally comes back to haunt her. There is one rule; if you can’t handle the experience, you need to scream out “mercy”.


As you enter the house you are transported into the psychotic mind of Paula, as she battles anxiety, drug addiction and suicidal thoughts at university.


Horrific disfigured monsters run free in the library, cafeteria and classrooms and are they are allowed to touch and lick you.


House guests are locked in each hellish room for 90 seconds until the bell rings.


Horror enthusiasts have described it as “the most visceral” experience someone can have. It was the brain child of Robbie and Heath Luther and they have spent $100,000 of their own money on the ghastly experience.

After opening on the September 25th 2015 is was estimated that 25% of the visitors had screamed out “mercy” and could not continue through all 17 rooms.


Robbie said “My original plan was to do a haunted house so extreme and awesome that it would get protested by all these groups and then I would get shut down.”

Thankfully Robbie opted for a lesser degree of terror, and the haunted house has become wildly popular.