A Family Found A Metal Door In Their Backyard 10 Years Ago. They Finally Opened It…

When the Zwick family moved into their home in Neenah, Wisconsin over 10 years ago, they were aware of a metal door that was dug into the ground in their backyard, but it wasn’t opened until now…

They found a nuclear shelter from more than 50 years ago which was installed at the height of the cold war.

This is how the family found the bunker – locked up and rusted.

Metal Door 1

Once opened, they discovered a 8-foot-by-10-foot bunker which could only be accessed using a ladder.

Metal Door 2

Water had leaked into the bunker through the cracks and the entire bunker was flooded so much the boxes that were found were floating!

Metal Door 3

This was a nuclear shelter designed to protect the residents from nuclear radiation. It was designed to be lived in for weeks and months, therefore food and resources were present and found in their original packaging.

Candies, raisins, Hershey’s syrup and other candies and food were found inside.

Metal Door 4

The packaging kept the items without damage.

Metal Door 5

It was like taking a step back into the 1960’s!

Metal Door 6

Pictured below: more items found included candles, a garden hose and a funnel.

Metal Door 7

The family donated the items to the Neenah Historical Society.

Metal Door 8

Source: Daily Mail via Diply