9 Vintage Life Hacks Found Inside A 1900s Cigarette Packet

4. How to light a match when it’s windy

Easy. Just cut some little splinters near the top of match, and when you light it these splinters will catch easily, making the flame bigger and more likely to stay lit in the wind.

5. How to make a chair to get people across a river

Send a strong swimmer across first with one end of a rope, and tie the other end onto a nearby tree. Make the chair and fasten it to a running look or a block pulley, tie a light rope to the middle of the chair, and have someone at each end who can pull the rope. In no time you’ve got an easy rope crossing for the non-swimmers in your party.

6. How to make a fire extinguisher

“Dissolve one pound of salt and half a pound of sal-ammoniac in two quarts of water and bottle the liquor in thin glass bottles holding about a quart each”. Apparently if a fire breaks out, you can smash a bottle in the flames and it will help put out the fire.