9 Vintage Life Hacks Found Inside A 1900s Cigarette Packet

Gallaher’s cigarettes included some very useful tips during 1900-1910. Each packet came with one of these handy life hacks, to help you with the important things in life, like crossing rivers and felling trees!

1. How to remove a splinter

This one is genius. Just fill a small jar with hot water almost to the brim, and press the part of your hand with the splinter to the top of the bottle, creating a seal. The suction as the water cools will pull that splinter straight out!

2. How to fell a tree

Decide which direction you want the tree to fall, cut a triangle out of that side, then cut a triangle out of the other side, just slightly higher up. Then attach some ropes, and pull!

3. How to keep your plants watered while you’re away

Fill a big bucket with water and place it higher than the plants. Then plait some wool and bury one end of the plait down near the plant’s roots, and put the other end in the water!