9 Things Kids Are Doing These Days That Are Actually From The 90s

We’re starting to see them everywhere: kids with scrunchies, backpacks, ripped jeans and a plaid shirt around their waists. Little do the kids know, it’s been done before. For twenty-somethings though, this nineties revival is a dream come true.


1. Space buns.

Not only did Gwen Stefani start the whole pastel hair thing early in the nineties, she also invented space buns.


Now, presumably because of Miley Cyrus’ VMA look, space buns are all over Pinterest. They’re a perfect fit for pastel hair, and frankly, they do look awesome. Just don’t forget where you came from, space buns.


2. Tattoo chokers.

Well, who didn’t want to wear a tattoo choker like Sabrina the Teenage Witch? In the nineties you could even get them in gumball machines for a quarter. Or with Spice Girls special lollipops. What do you mean, choking hazard? This was the nineties, no one cared.


We’re still not sure if chokers should be a thing of the present or if they should have stayed in the nineties. Especially because now they’re a fashion thing and they cost a bit more than a quarter.

3. Mom jeans.

No one could pull off mom jeans better than Monica Geller. Daaaaaang Courteney Cox you set a trend and a half…


…And now it’s back. Out of the way skinny jeans, you are so 2010. 2016 is all about the mom jeans. Again.


4. Crop tops.

Of course Britney did it first. The nineties were a decade of abs of steel. God, there were so many crop tops. Fortunately for us, despite crop tops having made a comeback, exposed belly buttons haven’t.

5. Scrunchies.

Jodie Sweetin aka Stephanie Tanner was the QUEEN of scrunchies. No one wore scrunchies like the cast of Full House, especially Stephanie. Sure, Michelle’s scrunchy wearing antics were cute and all, but she was taught well by her big sister.


While the sideways ponytail may still be a thing of the nineties, the scrunchy is definitely back. Combine with an oversized denim jacket and you’re so far back in the nineties, you’re almost in the eighties.


6. Nike Air Max.

Will Smith’s wardrobe team on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air loved some chunky sneakers. In fact, the Nike Air Max and Air Jordans were iconic to the character, a special limited edition pair was made.


Chunky sneakers went away for a while, and elegant shoes with a thinner sole became the norm. Not anymore though! The chunk is back, and it’s not just for guys. So hide your kids, hide your wives, ’cause errbody wearing Nike Air Max up in here.

7. Plaid shirt around the waist.

Joey from Blossom did it first, since he was the original grunge rock kid. Then Kurt Cobain started doing it… OK, maybe Kurt Cobain did it first. The point is, in the nineties it was OK to tie things around your waist. Then it stopped being cool, and when you’d get too hot, your shirt or sweater would either be thrown in a corner on the floor or held over your arm. NEVER AROUND THE WAIST…


…Until the Olsens started doing it. Then it was OK again. In fact, these days, the plaid shirt doesn’t serve any purpose other than being tied around your waist.


8. Platform shoes.

The platform shoe was every 90s kid’s parent’s worst nightmare. Kids would beg and beg and beg and the answer would remain no. Now, it’s hard to see how platform shoes (and especially platform boots!) were a thing – but, they were, and no one will ever know longing the way 90s kids longed for a pair of platform shoes.


OK, so thankfully the platform boot isn’t back, but platform shoes are. Except they’re called creepers now. We know what you’re doing, creeper! You’re just a platform shoe. Time to start begging our parents again.

9. Metallic backpacks.

Urgh, as if. No, but really, Cher is probably Clueless to what she’s done for fashion all those years ago. In the early 2000s, backpacks were so out of style that some girls even preferred bringing shopping bags to school than a backpack. Shoulder bag, handbag, anything but a backpack!


It’s baaaack. While you thought metallic backpacks – you know, the ones that are too cool to wear unless they’re accompanied by space buns or at least a pair of creepers – came from Japan, they actually came straight from the nineties. You’re welcome, kids.