9 Deaths In Kid’s Movies That Scarred Us For Life

1. The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Mother’s Death

So it wasn’t until The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel’s Beginning that the world found out what happened to Ariel’s mother. It was those darn pirates that did it! Now we really understand why Ariel’s dad tried so hard to keep her away from humans.

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2. The Never Ending Story: When Artax Gave In To The Sadness

Artax’s death haunted kid’s dreams for years. Artax’s gradual descent into the swamp of sadness was a metaphor for depression, and we just couldn’t keep our eyes dry when Atreyu  pleaded with Artax to “Fight against the sadness!”

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 3. The Lion King: When Mufasa Sacrificed Himself To Save Simba

OK, so your dad’s just died. But then your evil uncle convinces you it’s your fault? No wonder Simba ran away! This is a movie death than no ’90s kid, or parent of a ’90s kid is going to forget anytime soon.

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4. The Bridge To Terabithia: Leslie’s Emotional Death

So not only does Jesse lose Leslie, but he had an opportunity to invite her to the museum, and when he doesn’t she goes to their secret place by herself, which results in her emotional death. Ahh Jessie, the guilt.

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5. Babe: He Tries, But He Can’t Save Maa

Who could forget this amazing moment? Babe sprints over to where Maa is being attacked by the dogs, and single-handedly head-butts them out of the way. Just when we thought he’s saved Maa’s life, she dies. Scarred. For. Life.

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6. Up: Ellie Dies And We Cried Way Earlier Than Is Usually Acceptable In A Movie

As if we weren’t already emotionally damaged from finding out that the world’s most perfect couple couldn’t have kids, Ellie then goes and falls over when they’re heading up to their favorite picnic spot. By the time the hospital scene comes around everyone is bawling, and they’ve barely been watching for 10 minutes.

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 7. My Girl: Thomas J.’s Death Made Us All Scared Of Bees

Watching My Girl for the first time is harrowing, but every subsequent viewing brings with it the urge to yell out “THOMAS!! IT’S A BEEHIVE! DON’T KICK IT!”

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8. Watership Down: Hazel’s Death

Everyone thought they were about to see a nice movie about cartoon rabbits, but in reality this movie taught a generation what tragedy really was. We see rabbit shots, attacked by dogs, and have many near-death experiences. Then just when we think it’s all over, Hazel is visited by El-Ahrairah and invited to leave his body behind, and he obliges.

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9. The Land Before Time: Littlefoot’s Mom Dies

In the time of the clash of the continents, an earthquake split the land. Herds were divided, families were split in two. Littlefoot was separate from his grandparents. And if this wasn’t enough, he only find his mother in time for the last moments of her life.

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