9 Celebrities Who Tried Making Their Mark In The Music Industry, But Failed Miserably.

Most celebrities think that they can sing. However, the listeners should be the ones to decide that! Being a celebrity does not entitle you to a career in music… But this list of 9 celebrities thought differently and failed miserably. Check them out!

Paris Hilton

After giving herself her own record deal in 2004, Paris Hilton released her album “Paris”. Although over 77,000 units were sold in the first week, reviewers and critics gave her a really hard time.

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Zendaya Coleman

Her album, named after herself, “Zedaya” took a total of two years to complete! She spent quite a lot of time promoting her work before it released, however she failed to impress.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

On the tv screen, Jennifer Love Hewitt is a beauty, but most wouldn’t say the same about her songs. She has released four albums, which critics reviewed badly, saying that they lacked focus and deep meaning.

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‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

His album, “Be a Man” was release in 2003. People claimed the album to be no more than just a bunch of laughable tunes and awful rough singing by Savage.

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Linsay Lohan

Lindsay doesn’t have the worst of the voices on this list. Many people even implied her of being the next Avril Lavigne. However she was still very unpopular with the critics. They thought she had a very mediocre voice.

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has earned the title of “worst singer in the reality TV universe”, thanks to her single “Jam (Turn It Up)”. The critics questioned the nature of the song by claiming the video to be too sexual.

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Kobe Bryant

“K.O.B.E” was the name of his debut album which also featured the stunning Tyra Banks. People reaction to his music weren’t too good, resulting in the record label dropping the basketball player.

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Serena Williams

She is a sensation on the tennis court, but not quite the same when it comes to rapping. She made her first rap in 2012, although her song had deep lyrics, critics did not find them unique from the usual rap content.

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Heidi Montag

Her debut album “Superficial”, received a lot of criticism, resulting in many parodies of her songs, as well as financial loss for the reality show star. More than $2 million were spent on the making of her album, of which only 6000 copies were sold!

Image Source: Ehow