8 Really Weird Jobs Our Ancestors Did in The 1800’s That No Longer Exist

Advancements in technology have made a lot of jobs our ancestors did disappear. The jobs in this list all look extremely bizarre when we look back at them now but they were professions for thousands of men and women in the 1800’s. According to Bill Gates this occurrence is continuing and people don’t realise how many jobs will continue to be replaced by robots and software. Bill Gates said “20 years from now, labour demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower”. What jobs will be the next to go? Maybe future generations will look back at some of the jobs of today and find them as bizarre as the jobs in this list.

#1 – Knocker-up – Before alarm clocks were a common item in every household, a ‘knocker-up’ was hired to tap or shoot peas at windows at an appointed time.

Jobs that no longer exist 8 knocker-up

(via Business Insider)