8 Horror Films You Need To Watch Before ‘The Witch’

The Witch is due for release on February 19th and horror enthusiasts are biting at the lip to see it. So far the critics have described it as utterly terrifying and hauntingly beautiful. Whilst we wait with anticipation for its release, let’s look at the horror films that creeped us the f*ck out and they may just help us prepare our pants for what will go down in The Witch. 


1. The Exorcist.

There is nothing quite like a little girl possessed by a demon. The Exorcist is a classic horror film because it goes against the grain of society. Green vomit, 360 degree spinning heads, walking down the stairs backwards and the line “Do you know what she did? Your c**ting daughter!” It has everything that is simply mortifying in it, especially the scene with the “bloody cross”. You know that would have required stitches.


2. The Blair Witch Project.

You may have heard it time and time before, but the The Blair Witch Project is one of the best horror films of all time…and you don’t even see a witch in it. The film works because it plays on people’s imagination. We are imagining what the witch looks like. We are imagining that there are lost children in the woods. We are imagining that the crying lady will eventually find a Kleenex. When we are left to our imaginations it tends to be scarier than visual reality.


3. The Babadook.

A child’s book starts to predict terrible things and then those terrible things start to happen. Most of this Australian horror film is shot in an old two-storied house with a mother and son. The mother seems to be going crazy and the son appears to be a little sh*t… BUT all is not as it seems in this twisted horror that will have you checking the closet before bedtime.

4. The Mist.

“The end will come, not in flames, but in mist.” Just the very idea of a mist that encapsulates a small town is freaky. Next minute, giant alien bugs come out to eat people and cover them in weird spider webs. The director Frank Darabont knows what he is doing and he does it so well. Also the film’s score makes it as suspenseful as waiting for what Kanye West is about to say next.


5. Insidious.

Oh hell nah. Ohhh hell to the nah. Ohhh hell to the nah nah nah nah nah nah. Old ladies scare us, actually so do children – so Insidious will make you literally crap your pants because there are both of those things in this film. One more thing, you won’t ever be able to listen to the song “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” ever again. Not that you would just casually throw on that song anyway because it is sung by a super creepy guy.

6. Sinister.

Hmm yeah it doesn’t pay to write about scary things because scary things may just happen to you. Ethan Hawke plays a washed up crime writer trying to write his comeback novel. When he finds a box of super 8 films he realizes that they may be the missing piece to his research. Initially you go into the film thinking that it is going to a mediocre horror, but becomes surprisingly unnerving.


7. Drag Me To Hell.

When an old woman casts a spell to evict someone out of her out of her house, sh*t goes down. Evil forces start to take their toll on the poor gal and she becomes desperate to save her doomed soul. It is infused with comedic moments which makes it somewhat of a good time. However the rest of the time your hands are in front of your eyes, which is always the best way to watch a horror film.

8. The Visit.

Do not be put off by the fact that it is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The Six Sense was good, Signs was good, it was just all his other films that were trash. The Visit is filmed from a first person point of view and initially it had the tendency to be another rip off of The Blair Witch Project. However, it manages to save itself with a smart story line. Two kids go to stay with their grandparents that they have never met before and what starts off with fun and games soon turns into a creeping under the house nightmare.


Now that you have prepared your pants… Get ready for the The Witch on February 19th.