7 Life Saving Hacks For Geniuses On A Budget

Being young isn’t always great. Sometimes, it just downright sucks. Just remember that time you really wanted to, no, needed to party, but your wallet kept screaming “NO”? Don’t worry, though, these life saving hacks will turn you into a budgeting genius. This way, you’ll be able to party again soon.


1. This Oreo cookie hack prevents the cookies from breaking. You’ll never have to waste any Oreos ever again.


2. No need to spend your precious money on a phone stand if you still have your old LEGOs.


3. Want a flashy car? A few post-its can make your dream come true.

4. Re-purposing your plastic bottles like a boss.


5. Don’t let your buddies steal the candy you’ve been saving for all week.


6. Finally you can have a romantic candlelight dinner for two.

7. Your Keurig machine will never let you down.