7 Easy Tricks To Be An Organizational Mastermind

If you want to stay on top of your household, you first need to put some rules in place. Don’t only win one battle this time, win the war – and then make peace with your home once and for all.


1. Master that money.

If you’re a big spender, try to live on a weekly budget. If you don’t want to use fancy budget apps, you can use old-school envelope budgeting. This way, you can finally start saving for your next holiday.


2. Conquer the rubbish bag.

You’re so sick of slipping trash can bags? Those times of revolting trash will belong the the past as soon as you secure your rubbish bag with binder clips. Take that, rubbish bag!


3. Bathe like a boss.

Not enough space in your bathtub kingdom? By using a tension rod and shower curtain rings, you can create more space for your personal wellness paradise.

4. Rule those drawers.

With a smaller tension rod, you can rule out that terrible mess in your kitchen drawers.


5. Make the fridge your servant.

If you want your fridge to stay neat and organized, simply put your stuff into some boxes.


6. Fight off those rebellious bottles.

They’re going to stop being all over the place when you put them into old six-pack holders.

7. Win the toothbrush wars.

A re-purposed cutlery holder can help you organize your family’s toothbrushes once and for all.