7 Of The Dumbest Lies That Have Come Out Of Hulk Hogan’s Mouth

At last, Hulk Hogan’s sextape trial has started. The man behind the world famous wrestling character sued Gawker Media for $100 million, claiming invasion of privacy over the website’s publication of some salacious footage in 2012. It doesn’t only show nine seconds of the most awful intercourse ever, it also features a particularly racist rant.


In an attempt to “show the man behind the bandana”, Hogan testified in the trial, referring to his offstage name in the third person. “Terry Bollea’s a normal person. Wrestling is my job. It’s what Terry Bollea does for a living.” Unfortunately, in his testimony, he’s also had to admit to a few fibs, like slightly exaggerating the size of his penis and kind of highballing the number of women he’s slept with.

Let’s have a look at some other mishaps that have happened when Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bollea has opened his mouth.


1. He wrestled 400 days in one year.

Yes. 400 days. *Sigh* Where do we begin other than the obvious fact that a year only has 365 days. Of course, Hogan had a clear explanation for this little hiccup. As he explained the situation in an interview, he said he traveled back and forth between America and Japan so much that the time difference made up for the extra 35 days. So not only would he supposedly have wrestled every day that year, he technically would have wrestled twice a “day” because of the time difference.


2. Elvis Presley was a Hulkmaniac.

Ah yes, the old Elvis story. This one is straight from Hulk Hogan’s autobiography, in which he claimed that before joining the WWE, Hogan was part of the professional wrestling scene in Memphis. In fact, he was so popular Elvis Presley would come out to watch him wrestle. So how did The King cheer old Hulk on then, considering Hogan began his wrestling career in Memphis in 1979 and Elvis died in 1977?

3. He lost “hundreds of millions of dollars”.

Sure, Hulk Hogan is arguably the most popular wrestler of all time. In fact, a leaked WCW contract showed that he was getting paid more than nearly every other wrestler at the time. Add a few small movie roles, a horrendous reality TV show and endorsements to that, and there is no doubt his bank account looked good. However, in an interview with Good Morning America, he claimed that the way he used to live cost him hundreds of millions of dollars. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars.

Now, just for fun, let’s compare his alleged fortune with that of the world’s other most popular wrestler and still relevant The Rock. Wrestler, actor, and all round legend, Dwayne Johnson was recently estimated to have a net worth of around $125 million. So the “hundreds of millions” of dollars Hogan claims to have wasted seem a bit far-fetched.


4. He was asked to fight in UFC.

His antics haven’t passed with age, because just a few years ago, Hogan claimed that he was asked to join a startup company, now known as UFC. According to him, he wouldn’t join because “guys get beat up when the fight should be stopped.” Campbell McLaren, however, the co-founder of UFC, denies ever making the offer. In fact, he even called him out on Twitter, saying “Hulk Hogan being asked to fight in #originalUFC is absolutely false. Not in real life anyway.” Shame. We’d love to have seen Conor McGregor have a go at him.


5. He could have been in Metallica.

Apparently, being a famous wrestler wasn’t enough. Hogan claims he was almost in one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Not just Metallica though, apparently Hulk Hogan’s bass skills were so out-of-this-world that Metallica as well as The Rolling Stones wanted him as their bass player. However, according to this story, it was Metallica member Lars Ulrich that came to Hogan himself, the two of them being close friends and all, and asked him to play with the group. When Howard Stern asked Lars Ulrich in an interview about the story, Ulrich didn’t even know who Hogan was. Well, this is awkward.

6. He outdrank John Belushi after WrestleMania II.

In WrestleMania’s early years, it already attracted celebrities such as Cyndi Lauper, Billy Martin, Liberace and Mr. T. Which is why it’s kind of believable that John Belushi not only frequented WrestleMania II, but also hung out with Hogan after the show. Just that could have been a great story, Hulk. Why did you have to keep going? Hogan claimed that they were partying so hard that Belushi had to leave because he couldn’t keep up with him. Oh, one final rather important detail: WrestleMania II took place in 1986. John Belushi passed away in 1982.


7. His worldwide “long-standing franchise” Pastamania.

We only included this one because it’s deliciously embarrassing. It was, in fact, not franchised. There was one single restaurant in the Minnesota Mall of America, and it was only there because no one had the heart to slap him in the face and tell him to stop. He ended up financing the whole project out of his own pocket and, well… Can you remember ever having a delicious bowl of Italian cuisine from Pastamania? Exactly. It closed in a year.