7 Of The Best Comebacks From Companies With Sass

Big businesses are meant to act professional and stay above the line when it comes to ignorant people of the internet. However, instead of taking the high road these companies gave out an epic dose of sass and it was simply delightful. Sometimes internet trolls just need a good kick up the ass….or in this case, a response.


1. Take that Philip, you negative little Queen.


2. Discovery…you have finally discovered a sense of humor.


3. White Castle you have been outwitted by Taco Bell, how do you feel?

4. Washington Post – good for reading, bad for wiping.


5. Cody Paul what the hell are you talking about? You make no sense.


6. Gosh, we know, Mark…jeez.

7. In February 2015 the Quba Islamic Institute burned down. This was their kind response to their haters.