34 Perfectly Timed Photos That Prove A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words and in these examples, the timing is so perfect that no word could adequately describe how wonderfully weird our world can be.


1. This guy’s a real beast.


2. This is actually an improvement on before.


3. In your FACE!

4. The cheapest way to catch a flight.


5. You’ll need something bigger to cover that bald spot.


6. Before they were decapitated by the propellers.

7. Face off.


8.These fireworks are way better than last year.


9. This guy needs to get better friends.

10. They took the ice bucket challenge to new heights.


11. Birds can do that!?


12. Thor’s wife.

13. Dogs only know how to do one thing.


14. White trash water park.


15. His water bending is impressive.

16. The power couple.


17. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…


18. Stunt giant.

19. It’s just another manic monkey.


20. Dan is just so graceful when he skydives.


21. Just found Grandpa’s Playboy magazine from the 70s.

22. Mini is watching you.


23. Stop horsing around.


24. That dolphin’s off to do some shopping.

25. “Hold still while I rearrange your face.”


26. The tripod.


27. She’s a real metal head.

28. Shake it off, shake it off.


29. Does he play for the Denver Nuggets? Because he’s digging for gold.


30. Make sure you get my right leg in the shot.

31. Let the bodies hit the floor.


32. Giving him a taste of his own medicine.


33. This is what you call a stalemate.

34. The unquestioned leader.