32 Totally Innocent Objects That Don’t Look Dirty At All

1. This totally innocent tree.


2. This sausage.



3. This drinking fountain that’s being held in a totally appropriate way.

4. This ruler.



5. This ice cream that you shouldn’t feel at all self conscious about licking.



6. This totally normal cactus.

7. This bread thing that actually looks completely delicious.


8. This very usual sock.


9. This statue that has nothing fishy about it whatsoever.


10. This baking tray that definitely wasn’t used to make phallic-shaped cakes.


11. This carrot that’s only going to be used as a carrot.



12. This tomato growth.

13. This totally un-chode-like sweet potato.


14. This suspicious looking dog brush.


15. This totally non-suggestive logo.

16. This big baby.


17. This innocent Hello Kitty sticker.


18. This normal stick of butter.

19. This man getting his lunch stolen by an elephant trunk.


20. This kid’s slide.


21. This “pool toy”.

22. This newborn panda that looks… cute.


23. This delicious-looking chocolate Santa.


24. These moisturiser instructions that definitely aren’t instructing you on something else.

25. This not-at-all-suggestive scoop.



26. This innocent, flesh-colored popsicle.



27. This shower pipe that’s not suspicious at all.



28. This crumbling footpath that’s either a coincidence, or there’s a giant around.


29. This totally normal wood.


30. This innocent bubble.



31. This majestic cloud.


32. This stalagmite that isn’t suggesting anything.