31 Pictures From Dubai That Prove The Unimaginable Riches Of Its Citizens

Dubai, the city of excess. Everything you’ve every heard about the place is true, some of these photos are almost unbelievable, almost.


 1. No leopard skin seats in this whip. Just a leopard on your front seat.


2. The poor thing is car sick.


3. Stupidly rich.



5. Playing on grass? Pleb move.


6. Don’t go for that dive shot.  Please. Does this make you feel sick?

7. Top speed.


8. Forgot where you parked your supercar? Meh. Buy another one. We’ll give this one to the desert. It’s good to give back.


9. Ugh. Lost another one. Well, life’s too short.

10. Putting the bucks in Starbucks.


11. Not only do you get straight up bricks of gold bullion, you get a good workout hefting your loot around. Oh no, wait. You have ‘assistants’ for that.


12. Known for practicality.

13. Now, what could this be? Oh, a shopping center. The world’s largest. Of course.


14. Real islands? Pah. Dubai makes artificial islands. Yeah. That’s a globe.


15. They’re just like us: they want what they don’t have. So, ski in the desert. Naturally, not naturally.

16. Do the dunes.


17. Subtlety is everything in Dubai.


18. Just like us, there’s phone bills to worry about.

19. Foosball table coated in gold. Dubai translation: Foo$$$$$$$ball.


20. Suppose it’s actually necessary for the 5.0 to have these, considering the whips the Dubai homies are pushing. Strictly necessary, boss. Sensible, even.


21. Unlike those poor (literally) homies down at the Fire Service with their peasant cars.

22. “Sorry for that nose-to-tail with your entirely gold plated SUV, buddy. My insurance company just went bankrupt.”


23. Why watch humans play polo on camelback, when you can get robots instead? Silly Q.


24. Hate being in the warm and instead want to be really cold so that you can feel warm by drinking a cup of hot chocolate? You’ve come to right place.

 25. Classic Dubai.


26. The cost of 2.5 hours dranking (look at the bill!). You know what is a great equalizer? A hangover. BUT, imagine the breakfast bill getting your grease dose…

27. The action hero of buses.

28. Look at this filthy, squalid bathroom. The poor fellow.


29. This is actually a robot camel, made by Bugati. Top speed 400mph.


30. No one likes a traffic jam.

31. I think we all wish we had this kind of protection from parking wardens.