31 Celebrities Who Gave Perfect Responses To Ridiculously Sexist Questions

1. Anne Hathaway was not into talking about her boring Catwoman fitness regime.


2. When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler decided to draw attention to the real high achiever.


3. When Mayim Balik shut this sexiest reporter right up.


4. When Taylor Swift cut this reporter a new one for saying “But you only ever write songs about your ex-boyfriends”.


5. J-Law gave this question the answer it deserved.


6. Then she gave the most truthful answer to this question, because she was BORED of talking about her looks.

7. Zooey Deschanel reminded everyone that wearing flowery dresses and being a feminist are not mutually exclusive.


8. And that judging women based on how girly they act, speak or look is sexism, and it’s not OK.


9. When Scarlett Johansson explained to this guy that surely there are better things to talk about than whether or not so wore underwear.

10. When Emma Stone’s sarcasm reminded everyone of what’s not important.


11. When Megan Fox gave the best response to this ridiculous question.


12. When Nicki Minaj totally called out the sexism of her industry.

13. Rashida Jones’ unimpressed answer to this question.


14. Alice Eve and Simon Pegg’s reversal of this ‘as a woman’ question, which, frankly, is exactly what any ‘as a woman’ question deserves.


15. When Alice Eve continued her awesomeness by giving this brilliant answer to “Aren’t you a little too beautiful to be a science officer?”

16. When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were so confused that someone thought the contents of their purses were worth talking about.


17. When Elizabeth Moss used her time in the mani-cam to show everyone what she thought of the mani-cam.


18. And Julianne Moore just straight refused, because come on, they’re just fingernails.

19. When Taylor Swift laid down the law on how women should dress on stage.


20. Megan Fox’s view on double standards on movie sets.


21. Emma Watson’s amazing response to this girl, whose dad says she can’t be an engineer.

22. When Lauren Conrad gave the best answer to this ridiculous question.


23. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s praise of Matthew McConaughey for doing exactly what all female actors have to do all the time.


24. J-Law’s response to a reporter that asked about he weight rather than her work.

25. Taylor Swift’s response to this woman insinuating that going home with a man is the perfect prize.


26. And Rihanna shared that opinion.


27. Cate Blanchett, making a very valid point on GlamCam.

28. Jennifer Garner pointing out how she gets treated differently to her husband, for no reason whatsoever.


29. Nicki Minaj insisting all women should be able to speak their mind, without fear of being labelled.


30. Mindy Kaling’s secret to success.


31. Beyonce, telling everyone what’s up.