30 Of The Strangest Things That Have Ever Been Found In A Backyard

These 30 backyard finds will make you want to grab a shovel, rush out into your own yard and start digging. Didn’t find anything? Doesn’t your neighbor have a backyard too? Just tell them there’s a high possibility of finding buried treasure and you’ll totally split it with them. Here are 30 of the strangest things ever found in the world’s backyards.


1. Christmas came early for this family that found a Ferrari in their backyard.


2. This happy guy was found chilling out.


3. A couple found old gold coins from the 1890s on their property worth $10 million.

4. One family found a bomb shelter hidden in the trees.


5. This WWII button.


6.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure with this early 7up can.

7. This marijuana stash worth $175,000 was discovered under one man’s hot tub.


8. This adorable kitten was abandoned.


9. This strange block with weird hieroglyphics.

10. Foxes sometimes love to take naps in your backyard.


11. In Austria a man dug up 650-year-old treasure in his yard.


12. It’s not everyday you find a Megalodon tooth in your garden.

13. This hilarious cat memorial.


14. A flourishing ecosystem.


15. This was found abandoned behind a house in Florida.

16. This guy found a bag with $150,000 in his back garden.


17. When you live in a house built in the 1700s, sometimes you find old things.


18. A man found a 250-million-year-old fossil in his home.

19. After ten years in the same house one lucky owner found this guy sitting about.


20. A rare fossilized whale was dug up in a backyard in California.


21. This little girl gives a rock fossil to her mother on Christmas day.

22. In the Czech Republic one unlucky man found these hidden explosives buried.


23. These people found the cutest hedgehog ever.


24. A man from Calgary, Canada found a machine gun in a bag with no idea how it got there.

25. These bunnies.


26. This amazing mutant flower.


27.  It’s not every day you find a cemetery in your yard. The coffins were from the 1700s.

28. This baby raccoon.


29. This giant earthworm was mistaken for a snake in China.


30. It may look cute, but it’s poisonous.

31. This guy found an 8.2 pound gold nugget in his yard that sold for $460,000.


32. Two people thought they had found a meteorite but it was actually ornamental glass.