30 Facebook Users That Fell Out Of The Stupid Tree And Hit Every Branch

1. Little known fact: deaf people can’t tell the difference between water and concrete.


2. Who ate all the doughnuts?


3. Someone has limited life goals.

4. That lemon is green with envy.


5. LOL.


6. It actually means the Pope sat on a tire – true story.

7. This is one close family.


8. Wood workers get all the cool names.


9. That’s deep.

10. You don’t want to encourage kids to smoke their own faces.


11. It’s bleech season.


12. “But I feel we mutually decided that I would have sex with her”.

13. Grow up David.


14.  Raising a girl that will do anything for money is the key.

facebook emgn 16

15. This person who doesn’t know how beastiality works.


16. Angryface-book.



17. Because racism is dangerous.



18. Mind blown.

19. Calire got DEEEEEE STROYED.


20. You should think again about dating a guy that is super sensitive about goatee jokes.


21. Love aint easy.

22. When mom calls you on your trolling and totally owns you.


23. Lily and her ‘problems’.


24. When being self-aware isn’t your strong suit.

25. Classic sandwich humor.